The Only True Franchise Incubator

Over 1,000 Franchises Sold

WE INVEST IN YOUR BUSINESSThe Franchise Whales is more than just a typical franchise development/brokerage company. We actually invest in our clients brands, then leverage shared efficiencies between our brands to help fuel growth.

THE POWER OF THE PODA group of whales is referred to as a “pod”. At franchise whales we leverage the efficiencies between our brands to help fuel franchise development, public relations, legal, and marketing.

WE GENERATE LEADS FOR YOUWe generate tens of thousands of franchise leads each month and have the systems and processes to close them.

WE CLOSE DEALSStated simply, The Franchise Whales franchise consultants close the most deals.

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  • Strategic Plans

    We provide customized strategies designed to maximize your unique strengths, to work within your available resources.

  • Legal Services

    The Franchise Whales offer a comprehensive audit service covering all aspects of the franchise organization or customized audits based on perceived need.

  • Operations

    Franchise Operation Training provides your staff with a comprehensive training session covering all aspects of implementing a franchise program.

  • Marketing

    Our average client has a franchise lead cost under $31.00. This is one of our strongest abilities.

  • Whale-Sales

    Our close rates are the reason we can brag. We win by employing the skills of some of the nation’s top franchise sales experts help you achieve your sales goals.

  • Training

    The Franchise Whales offers numerous franchise management seminars geared toward both start-up and established franchisors.